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The Importance Of Grammar And Language

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Do you know those moments when your grandparents tell you “life was so much better in my days“? Or, “our youth is forgetting how to write”? I am sure you do!

Just a few days ago I saw the news, that apple brought out new and more developed products. And as always my grandmother was there to give her opinion; “all this new technology destroys our grammar and language”. However, you will never guess where she read this. Exactly, ON HER IPHONE! And exactly that brought me to think about her point. How far is her statement acceptable or is she totally wrong?

Well, obviously languages have changed throughout history and they are still changing today. As a matter of fact, in September 2015 the Oxford English Dictionary added hundreds of new words, phrases and senses to their online dictionary. If you just imagine how many new words must be added in a year… But, this is not the main point grandparents are going on about. Their main problem is our grammar and punctuation. …show more content…
I mean, just look at the grammar we use while we write text messages. We don’t even care about grammar and punctuation. Our only goal is to inform the other person as quickly as possible about what we want them to know. We use use abbreviations and put a few emojis into the message and that’s it. Once a friend of my parents exclaimed after reading my messages, “look at that grammar… everything is wrong. How can you understand what you write if you don’t use punctuation?!” Obviously that question is rather stupid if you think about it, because really, as long as your sentence structure is logical no one needs punctuation. Nevertheless, even though our youth doesn’t concentrate on their grammar while texting, they are still able to write properly if they want

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