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The Need for Foster Families


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According to Adopt Us Kids, there are over 14,000 children in the foster care system in Ohio alone. (Adopt Us Kids, 2013) If we factor in the entire United States, that number goes up exponentially. However, for the purpose of this paper, all references will be related to the needs of the foster children in Ohio. Unfortunately, what is discussed in this paper relates to the needs of the other 386,000 or so kids in the foster care system throughout the United States. That need, the one that is so important, is the fact that there aren’t enough foster parents. There are more children in the foster care system than there are parents to take care of them. Foster care can be considered a necessary evil. The end results are not always what we hope them to be, but without it, so many more children would be lost. An article, written in 1986, says it best: “Foster care is a necessary evil”, explained Robert Hayes, a lawyer with the Coalition for the Homeless. In a recent interview with Children’s Express, “There are times and places when parents cannot take care of their kids. But sometimes, children can live for 18 years in ‘temporary foster care’.” Hayes goes on to say: “this accounts for why these children never learn many of the appropriate tools of life”. (Lin, Zelermyer, Young & Young, 1986) This paper, written in 1986, tells of the same exact issues that are faced today. Children are often forgotten about or misplaced because of the demands placed upon foster parents and social workers. Having more qualified parents, those who are better educated about the needs of foster children, will go a long way in filling the gaps in the foster care system. Educating the public and explaining what has to happen, as well as making it known to all that the need for a stable environment is paramount to every child’s success. Success in the present, and in the future will produce

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