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The Shinning Mountain

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”The Shining Mountain”
Development and theme

In the beginning Pangma – La is afraid to disappoint her father and she does everything to impress and make her father proud. She’s submissive because she’s does everything her father asks her to without making an objection.
Pangma – Las father is full of pride over his daughter and think she’s able to do everything even though she’s not and he’s inconsiderate because he expects that she will do everything he asks her to. He supposes he is doing the right thing and he knows what is best for her. The father responds to his daughters behalf.

In the end when the old Sherpa woman confronts the father with his issues he realizes that she is right and from the second of he’s changed. Now he’s affectionate and kind – hearted and he’s able to do things on Pangma – Las behalf instead of his own and now he understands what Pangma – La has going through.
When Pangma – La sees her father is crying a big and heavy stone is falling from her heart. She’s no longer anxious that her father will be disappointed in her. She’s courageous and happy because now she can be with her dad without being anxious that he will feel that she has let him down.

The story is a fairy tale and the theme is the development from child to adult. Pangma – La is very young and inexperienced and don’t know better and she does what her father expects her to do. Bout the farther you get into the story, the more begins Pangma – La to believe in herself and in the end Pangma – La believes in herself and not just being manipulated by her father.

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