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Unitarian Universalism

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During the World War II, the Unitarian Service Committee was attempting to rescue Unitarians and other religious liberals from those parts of Europe where their lives were threatened by Nazi regime. The flaming chalice was the code by which those needing to be rescued identified themselves to the Unitarian Service Committee. This symbol has come into widespread use over the years and is usually lighted at the beginning of Sunday service and the recitation of opening words. Unitarian Universalists today have many different interpretations of the flaming chalice, including the light of reason, the warmth of community, and the flame of hope. The Chalice symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, spiritual insight, and the flame that rises from the chalice …show more content…
There are seven principles that sum up the core values that the congregation promises to affirm and promote. There are no dogmas or creeds in which members are required to believe According to Reverend Barbara Wells ten Hove states that, “The Principles are not a dogma or doctrine, but rather a guide for those who choose to join and participate in Unitarian Universalist religious communities.” There were two versions that were adopted. The first versions of the principles were adopted in 1960, and the modern form, which included the seventh principle, was adopted in …show more content…
“The inherent worth and dignity of every person:”
• This principle points out that Unitarian Universalism is a high humanist system of thought, emphasizing the inherent worth of all people rather than any inherent flaws in humanity.
2. “Justice, equity and compassion in human relations:”
• While UUs do not have a specific list of laws of behavior and are encouraged to personally consider the nature of ethical choices, they do agree that ethical behavior should include notions of justice, equity and compassion.
3. “Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth:”
• UUs are very non-judgmental. A UU gathering might easily include atheists, monotheists and polytheists, and this diversity is to be tolerated and encouraged. Spirituality is a highly complex and subjective topic to UUs, which can lead to multiple conclusions. UUs are also encouraged to learn from this diversity as they develop their own personal ideas of spirituality.
4. “A free and responsible search for truth and

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