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Value Assignment


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Value Assignment
Professor Heike Soeffker-Culicerto

Value Assignment
Alignment Between the Stated values and Plan RRI Energy Inc., or currently known as GeoOn, Energy, Inc is a Fortune 500 index company and a pioneer in developing cleaner and smarter energy. Like most companies in this position, RRI Energy has remained true to their core values, which has provided the foundation for their business decisions. RRI uses an acronym, STRIVE (Safety, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Value Creation, and Exemplary Leadership) to effectively convey their core values. Remaining loyal to its investors, employees and communities RRI Energy serve they have made safety their #1 priority. Safety does not just occur onsite but it’s extended out to the communities it is employees. The contractor safety procedures RRI energy has implemented are second to none. RRI’s zero tolerance policy does not promote those who violate their safety regulations and has stringent punishment for and supplier who does. Secondly, the core value that RRI Energy Inc., has embraced and fostered is the concept of teamwork. By encouraging team unity, RRI has been able to achieve the unthinkable and has put them at the forefront solar and renewable energy innovation. By taking a leading role to our world’s climate change, RRI has taken steps to reduce or eliminate greenhouse gases. Howeber, their drive to produce a cleaner energy hasn’t stopped them from still meeting the needs of millions of clients over 47 states. Altogether, RRI Energy’s core values are the guiding force for the way they conduct business on a daily bases. Not only do they utilize STRIVE for short and long term decisions, but it is the back bone for how they actually carry out and their plans. By staying true to who they are and who they want to be, RRI Energy has been the model business within the industry and has accepted their role.

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