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Advertising argument

Fear Through Advertisement

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Fear through Advertisement
An approximate of 3 million people die of AIDS every year and an approximate of 8,500 people die of AIDS every day! Therefore US government is trying to persuade people in USA to use condoms for protection to slow down this horrible disease. Furthermore companies that produce condoms are making terrifying advertisement that scare people of responsibility of having kids or having sexual diseases and this is a very good example…
The advert that I am going to describe and evaluate is showing how bad decisions may influence you and others in society ( At the first few seconds of this advertisement you can see an old, ugly man who just robs a bank. He exits the building with an AK-47, a bag with lots of money and bullets on his shoulder. He yells “I did it” and starts shooting in the air. You can see blood on his face that meaning that he just murdered someone in there. Furthermore he is laughing really loud like a baby that just robed a candy shop. Next moment advertisement stops and you can see that authors put age of a murderer on screen “age: 73”…

Next picture is from a memory of the same man. The craziest moment of this advert is in the scene where you can observe this man breaking the door into a random house. He looks much younger than he was before. Mother and daughter were watching television and now they are terrified and screaming in fear. The criminal is carrying a knife and saying to them to be quite so neighbours won’t call police. From this advert you can notice that this rapist has a mole under his right eye so you can definitely say it is same person. One more time producers showing us his age “age: 46”…

Riding bikes in the school was the best entertainment for everyone especially for this guy. Third scene is where a few boys are ridding theirs bikes really quickly from someone and while they were crossing the street few cars crashed them. As you can hear from screaming and other sounds they are hurt and need medical help. Not a surprise for everyone that all those boys were chased because of the same person. However now he looks like a 19 age boy. Action has been stopped to see one more sign “age: 18”…

Kids are so cute and peaceful they cannot do anything bad. That’s what I thought before this advert. Now imagine a kitchen, open oven and a cat inside the oven. Horrible is it? The small kid closes this oven and put the highest temperature to burn him down. The cat is screaming and trying to get out from this hell while small boy is standing and smiling at this situation with his bear toy. Furthermore in the end we can see that he is 4 – “age: 4”…

Now producers are explaining to us that when this child was born his mum died. In the other words he literally killed his own mother in the hospital. “age: 0”

In the end of this advertisement we can see a couple that want to have sex. The girl has a mole under her right eye so we are 100% sure that that baby was from her. She is asking her boyfriend “do you have one?” and he is saying “no what’s the worst that can happen?” As you can guess they had sex, she got pregnant and bore this little devil. Last seconds of this short video you can see condom and sign under it “For your protection. And ours.”

The logic of this advertisement is straightforward. Producers try to convince us to have sex with protection because it can be bring problems to you and society. Furthermore the aim for this advert is to increase sales of condoms, increasing the profit of companies such as “contex” or “durex”, also to reduce child birth in countries such as China. Moreover US government doing this kind of adverts it’s their way to reduce diseases such as AIDS. However in my opinion producers of this kind of adverts are trying to put pressure on customers. In the other words they want them to be terrified of responsibility of having kids or getting sexual diseases therefore they will buy condoms.
One more aspect of this essay that I want to discuss is the “impact on society”. This kind of advertisement can be very powerful and beneficial to the public because they are making huge difference in social thinking. Let’s have a look at what can cause the biggest impact on people thinking.
“Used exactly as instructed and used every time during intercourse, the male condom is around 97% effective at preventing pregnancy. During typical use, condoms are around 86% effective at preventing pregnancy. Most condom failures occur because of improper use of the condom.” (
Adults and teenagers that don’t want to have children because they are too young will buy a condom to be sure that they will not get in trouble for the rest of their lives. Furthermore people know about AIDS and HIV and are not willing to die when they are young therefore they want to make sure they are safe.
“Dr. Susan Weller of the University of Texas Medical School calculated the efficacy of condoms by pooling all the published studies of heterosexuals in which one partner was infected with HIV and the other was not. Although contraceptive research indicates that condoms are 87% effective in preventing pregnancy, she found that condoms reduce the risk of HIV infection by approximately 69%.
Weller noted that in “the large European Collaborative study, when the clinical state of the index patient, the practice of anal intercourse, and a history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are considered, condom use no longer significantly reduced HIV transmission.” (

This advert made a huge impact on me because now I am realising how huge is responsibility to raise a normal kid rather than a serial killer. Furthermore to grow up a kid you have to have many resources to give him a good life experience and knowledge. I believe our future generation should watch this kind of adverts to realise how much responsibility they will take to raise a kid or how bad it is to have AIDS or HIV.

I believe that this kind of advertisements are multiplying profit for companies such as “durex” or “contex” because this pictures are hurt feelings of people and making them think out of borders. Furthermore this videos and pictures are made to terrify people that they will die! The main purpose of these videos is to make people buy condoms no matter how much they will protect you. Even if they will give you 10% chance to reduce pregnancy people will buy them. Let’s see what people’s reaction on this advert…
“ ” In my opinion this is one of the most powerful advertisement that I have ever seen and US government, condom companies and companies that fight against diseases such as AIDS and HIV should do this kind of adverts more often.

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