Effective Study Skills Are Sole Foundation of a Sound Education

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Effective Study Skills are Sole Foundation of a Sound Education.

Background reading – extracts from literature.

Collins English Dictionary Home Edition 2009 page 223 defines “Effective” an adjective meaning:-
1 Producing a desired result 2 officially coming into operation 3 impressive.

“Study” in the Collins English Dictionary Home Edition 2009 page 757, defines the word as a verb. 1 to be engaged in the learning or understanding of (a subject). 2. To investigate or examine (something) by observation and research. 3 to look at (something or someone) closely; scrutinize.

Skill: - according to Collins English Dictionary Home Edition 2009 page 710 means 1 special ability or expertise enables one to perform an activity very well. 2 something, such as a trade, requiring special training or expertise. (Old Norse skill distinction).

Foundation in Collins English Dictionary Home Edition 2009 page 291 regarding learning, states “1 the basic experience, idea, or attitude on which a way of life or belief is based”.

Studying effectively, ideally, needs several skills. Stella Cottrell in The Study Skills Handbook, third edition (Palgrave Macmillan) 2008 chapter 4 page 55, talks about the C.R.E.A.M strategy for learning. C.R.E.A.M. as Cottrell describes, (“Stella Cottrell the Study Skills Handbook chapter 4 pages 55”) stands for
C. - Creative

Have the confidence to use your individual strategies and styles, applying imagination to your learning.

R – Reflective

Be able to sit with your experience, analyse and evaluate your own performance, and draw lessons from it.
E – Effective

Organise your space, time, priorities, state of mind and resources (including information technology, IT) to the maximum benefit.

A – Active

Be personally involved and doing things, physically and mentally, in order to make sense of what you…...