Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education

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“Effective study skills are the soul foundation of a sound education”

The title of this essay could suggest that by applying the correct methods, habits and practices to the learning experience (study skills) and by developing these through practice and reflection that this in itself provides the exclusive means of progress in learning.
Wikipedia (2013) suggests “Any skill which boosts a person’s ability to study and pass exams can be termed a study skill.” We may define a skill as the ability to perform a learned activity and then develop this through practice and reflection. However, the temptation may be too narrowly define the acquisition of a particular skill say, being able to achieve a good mark in an essay, as an end in itself. Consequently, it may be better to perceive study skills as part of a wider process of learning which contains other aspects for consideration so the student may be able to achieve a greater perspective and understanding.
Burns et al (2000) suggests that the student needs to combine and integrate different elements in order to learn. This may for instance involve developing a positive attitude for self-motivation which has been built upon a reflective sense of self-awareness which measures personal potential, both strengths and weaknesses, or a self-belief which encourages the desire to succeed. Potter (2011) suggests that a grasp of key study skills gives a student greater confidence, insight and efficiency which would also be another added element.
No one begins study as a “blank sheet” there are a range of life skills gained from our experience including beliefs, opinions and states of mind which can be transferred and harnessed in the learning process and adapted as study skills. Wikipedia (2013) agrees that “learning builds upon and is shaped by what we already know”.
A common stumbling block for students is the belief…...