''Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education "

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''Effective study skills are the sole foundation of a sound education"

The title of this essay could suggest that by applying the correct methods, habits and practices to the learning experience (study skills) and by developing these through practice and reflection that this in itself provides the exclusive means of progress in learning.

Gettinger and Seibert (2002) reiterate that study skills are essential to any academic subject and successful outcomes are achieved by a wide variety of students employing them. By having the appropriate knowledge and applying effective study skills thereafter, the results are more likely to be favorable. Paradoxically, students may go through school with a sound level of a knowledge but experience difficulties due to not having the right study skills.

(Stella Cottrell 4th edition) Covers many of these learning skills such as

Be Organised

This covers all areas for study such as looking at your time and how you organise it, your space to study in ensuring that is quite and you will not be disturbed, your literature, notes and files on your PC or mobile device where they are how they are all stored and in a place that you can find them.

Keep Motivated

This would involve setting goals short and long term in order to stay focused and achieves a feeling of reward for those milestones that are achieved. Staying positive as thinking negatively can erode away any confidence you may have to achieve your final goal. "Having a negative goal is like going shopping with a list of what you are not going to buy" O’Connor and Mc Dermott 1996

We have also found interesting results from a research paper by John Hattie John Biggs and Nola Purdie into "Effects of Learning Skills Interventions on Student Learning: A meta-analysis Review of Educational Research" (1996)
This research focused…...