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Formal Research and Business Proposals


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Proposals and Research
Nashira Wiggins
American Intercontinental University

What are the differences between formal research and a business proposal? What are the similarities? This paper will compare and contrast the theoretical and practical differences between formal research and a business proposal. The second part of this paper will explore the effects of human resources outsourcing on leadership performance and employee commitment. This paper will show that human resources outsourcing has a negative effect on employees and their morale.

Part 1
Formal research provides basic information and statistics in a given field or industry depending on the focus of the research. Formal research may be used to research the demand for a specific product or service by researching similar products or services that are already on the market. Included in this research would be the general sales rate, the companies that market these products or services, and the current sale price. Research will reveal whether the market for the product is flooded or if it is indeed a good business opportunity.
A business proposal is a document that proposes a method for completing a task. A business proposal can be used for launching a new product or for something like implementing a new strategy for a marketing campaign. “A proposal includes a brief description for the task at hand, a section describing the general approach to the task, a schedule for the task in question and a budget that outlines all expenses associated with the task” (Jane, M., 2013).
Formal research is the theoretical approach while a business proposal is the practical approach. Although there are many similarities between formal research and a business proposal, there are differences in the overall goals, sections, purposes, and uses. The purpose of a proposal is to identify a need, explain it, and

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