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General Order Number 29 Case Study

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1. What date did Congress authorize the establishment of a Medical Service? In your words explain the importance of this move.
Congress enacted the Medical Service 27 July, 1775, because of the need it had for medical personnel within the ranks for its 20,000 men. Soldiers were unable to heal and get proper treatment without the appropriate medical system in place.
2. What is General Order #29, tell us what the significance of this order is to you?
General Order number 29 talks about how the hospital personnel were treated and what their significance was. That no one can enter the medical corps who is unqualified, there are provisions to ensure that everyone is educated and knowledgeable in their jobs and ranks. That there is enough staff …show more content…
The Hospital Steward has a very long and dignified history, dating back to 1775. At first, Congress struggled to acknowledge that there was a true need for the Hospital Steward and refused to officially make them a part of the military, even at the request of President George Washington. All the while, the Hospital Stewards were given more and more responsibilities, such as ordering supplies, maintaining the diets of the wounded and sick, and much more. This was a major step in ensuring that every soldier was going to receive the best treatment. In 1847, there was a push for the formal education of Hospital Stewards, by the Surgeon General, however, he was turned down by Congress. The Army supported the Surgeon Generals decision in 1851 authorized the wear of a half chevron with a caduceus for Hospital Stewards. In 1856, Congress finally approved the Medical Corps to have as many Hospital Stewards as needed, in order to sustain the mission. The Civil War tested the abilities of the Hospital Stewards in ways that they had never been tested before. They were forced to go, oftentimes alone, to other hospitals within the region to treat the wounded where there were no surgeons or stewards. During this time of war, stewards held many jobs within the …show more content…
However, between 1780 and 1808, the basic requirements stated that stewards have a basic understanding of mathematics, chemistry, pharmacy, and must be able to read and write. In 1808, however, Dr. Edward Cutbush set guidelines of what a steward should be; he should be honest and trustworthy. In 1813, there was a demand for stewards to drill with infantry soldiers while also learning their trade while on the job. After the Civil War, Hospital Stewards were required to take an exam of their knowledge of medicine. These tests were extremely difficult and the only stewards that were exempt from taking them were stewards who had been practicing for more than 25 years. After the completion of a first examination, on the job training, and a second examination, there were significantly less personnel left to fill the positions available. The Medical Corps only needed and wanted to retain the very best and brightest. World War I saw new training classes established in Georgia for dental, psychiatric, x-ray, and laboratory, and veterinary personnel. By 1941, there was a specialized basic training and medical schooling for certain jobs in Virginia and Illinois. The Women’s Army Corps or WACs provided an additional source of personnel. These women were able to relieve some of the stress off the men by taking some roles that were not being filled, due to being a line medic. Fort Same Houston became

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