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How I use Math in everyday Life
DeVry University
October 9, 2012

How I use Math in Everyday Life Math is everywhere you go. It is at the store when you go groceries shopping, when you go out for dinner, when you’re at work, and even when you’re asleep. We are always using some kind of fraction throughout the day. I deal with numbers just about everywhere I go. Math has always been on my vocabulary since I was young. Coming from a house of five, I deal with math every single day. I have to use math for my bills, the rent, groceries, gas, things that are important in the house. Now that I completed eleven and half years in the united Stated Marine Corps, I deal with a tremendous budget in my house. I know that things are not the same because I don’t have a steady income coming in I have to keep track of our expenses and cut back on a lot of unimportant expenses. No matter what we do whether it’s at work, home, or out in town, numbers will always be a factor. Math will be involved and that’s the good think about life. Most people need a solid understanding for financial success and math is the answer. (Huebsch, 2009) In life, you will always have that percent that only need to learn numbers to a certain point. We engage numbers at a very young age. No one really knows how long numbers have been around for. Most people understand the concept of numbers, equations, and the use of daily concepts. (Melayu, 2009) I could say that Im that percentage in my in this world. I go to sleep thinking about numbers and I wake up think about fractions and percentages. That’s the beauty about math. It’s a never ending stoty. I use math at school. I have to make descisions on how I will be using my Pel Grants to help me cover my expenses and tuition. I really thought that coming out of the service, life would be easier, getting money for school would easier, getting money to support my big family would be easier, but I was wrong. The good thing about dealing with all these expenses is that there is always of system of figuring things out. There are resources that could help you get back on your feet and be back on track to be stable. I really think that math is very important when it comes to dealing with situations like mine. In theory, people who are succesfull such as CEO’s, VP’s, and Presidents of big companies, are always involved around numbers. That’s what makes their company’s stand out from the rest of there competitions. The more we learn and study the art of math and numbers, the better we succeed in our future and careers.

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