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Journalists In War Zones

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I chose to do my project on journalists in war zones because I am really interested in current events that are going on around the world. Journalists are the reason why I have access to information on these current events, so this topic instantly caught my eye when I saw it. I am also really interested in the events that happen during war. This combination lead me to put his topic as my number one, and thankfully, I got it. Before I started my project, I knew that many journalists have entered war zones to report on the current situation for hundreds of years. I had seen many videos about this, with one showing how a trapped crew got out of combat while in the Middle East. These videos made me think that these journalists were out of their minds when they could be shot at almost anytime. Other than this, I didn’t know much else about this topic. …show more content…
War has numerous dangers involved in it and these journalists are extremely brave to wander in and report. I also wanted to know if journalists were trained for combat, as all I see over the internet are journalists in vests and a helmet without doing much of anything. They just seem to be with military personnel and escorts all the time. These things made me really curious about the topic, so I ended up researching them a lot. For my research, I initially tried to focus on articles on the database. However, that didn’t work out, as there were literally only 2 articles I could find about my topic. Because of this, I tried to move off of the database and onto searching it up on the internet. This also caused another problem, as most articles just seemed to be about what being a journalist in a war zone was like or what journalists have to do in general. Despite these setbacks, I was still able to find some pretty good facts, even though it was really hard to research this

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