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My leadership philosophy defines who I am as a leader, and it has developed over my past 11 years as a Non Commissioned Officer. I have seen examples of leaders I want to be like and examples of leaders I do not want to emulate. My leadership philosophy has also carried over to my civilian career where supervise, train, and evaluate a staff of ten individuals. As a leader, it is critical to know what is important to me, so I can communicate my expectations to my subordinates. I also believe it is of utmost importance for my staff to know my leadership philosophy. They should know what I value. Even if my subordinates do not share the same philosophy, it helps us to have a better understanding and respect for each other. The four values that sum up what is important to me are respect, learning, staff …show more content…
It encompasses all of the individuals one comes into contact with on a daily basis – the cleaning staff in the building, the commander of the organization, subordinates, soldiers that need assistance, and coworkers. Ideally, respect should be part of my value system – who I genuinely am. A successful day or event to me is making one person’s day easier or brighter, even if it is by completing a simple task. Respect includes taking care of my soldiers, so they will want to follow me and work hard to accomplish the mission. Learning is a lifelong process. It does not just consist of formal education; it includes all of the resources that are available – books, manuals, leadership courses, and short training sessions. I continually try to learn as much as can, and I expect my subordinates to do the same. There are so many resources out there – what do I have to lose? If I am able to take away one new idea or way of doing something differently or more efficiently, I consider it a successful learning event. An essential part of the learning process for both leaders and subordinates is finding a mentor to provide

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