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Peds In Sports Research Paper

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The NBA is very weak on testing players who are new or veterans. In 1983 the NBA adopted the anti-drug policy. Based on fair causes all players are subjected to random drug testing during pre- season with rookies tested three times on a random basis throughout the season. The league works with The National Center for Drug Free Sport to administer tests and transmit the results to them. The first offense for being tested positive for the usage of PEDS is a 5 game suspension and mandatory attendance in the leagues Anti-Doping counselling. Second offense is a 10 game suspension and continued counselling. Third offense 25 game suspension and continued counselling. Fourth offense is minimum 2 years suspension. The NFL banned its substance policy in 1987. For many years it was known as …show more content…
When you have brain trauma it causes you to lose brain cells, memory loss, loss of talking, forget everyday routines, or partial of your body may stop working. When you have sudden death in an episode that means you suddenly die. Also you could have Nazia, which makes you dizzy, then leading to passing out. Another negative effects is a increased risk of stroke. There are two different types of a stroke. The first type is caused by a blockage in a vessel leading to your brain. This blockage stops the blood flow to a certain area of the brain. The second type is caused by a weak spot in the vessel that causes the vessel to rupture or blood to leaks out. This causes increase pressure in the brain and lack of blood flow. Heart attacks have effects like dizziness, cough, feeling sluggish, upset stomach, headaches, arm pains, flu like symptoms, blurred vision, wind, forgetfulness, irritability and tiredness. Cardiac arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat. You can die from this arrhythmia. It makes your heartbeat at a faster pace than

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...Thing? How far would you go to win? The culture of sports revolves around the goal of winning, this mindset forces athlete to take risk; however, does this ideology cause athletes to make bad decisions. One of the biggest issues in sports today is the use of performance-enhancing drugs as a way of “cheating” in order to get an edge on opponents. From the high school level all the way up to the professional level, men and women have been caught using these drugs, which are banned. It is easy to see the positive effects of using these performance-enhancing drugs with athletes becoming faster, bigger, and stronger; however, these athletes and there spectators don’t realize why these performance enhancing drugs are actually illegal, especially college students who are the major risk takers. Attached to the natural benefits of these drugs that make athletes feel closer to achieving their dream of winning are health risk, reputation risk, and loads of other negative effects of using PEDs. Enrolled in the University of North Texas, the authors of this paper have created a blog in order to appeal to the athletes here at UNT in order to help educate them on the exact reasons why these performance-enhancing drugs are illegal and to help persuade them against using them. In addition to reading and learning about the negative effects of PEDs, we have also included a pledge onto the page that athletes can sign to pledge not to use PEDs. Audience The main audience that we are trying to appeal...

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