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Sexual Assault On College Campuses

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Do you know the most common violent crime on college campuses today? The answer is sexual assault or rape. “1 in 5 women will be a victim of sexual assault during her academic career.” The amount of sexual violence that happens on American college campuses is appalling and, the even more appalling fact is the number of assault that go unreported. The issue has been brought up to college boards and administrators. While college rape prevention programs have been put into place, the programs are not working. The programs are not working because most rape or sexual assault cases go unreported completely. Many factors weigh into the issue of sexual assault on college campuses such as; the reporting system is flawed and unreliable; many of the …show more content…
“Less than 10 percent of students who are sexually assaulted report the assault to the college or police.” When the victim considers reporting the issue many questions steer the victim from reporting the issue such as: “not knowing how to label their experience”; “considering their assault not serious enough to report”; “fearing the retaliation from peers or the assailant for reporting.” Often when victims reported the assault to an administrator or official they want their identity to remain anonymous and not have the crime be reported to police. As a result, it is basically impossible to prosecute the assailant without revealing the identity of the victim. At times, even when the victim wants to get the law involved it is too late. While the accusation of committing rape can ruin someone's reputation for a lifetime; proving rape happened in a courtroom takes much more than an verbal accusation. All of the troubles of going through reporting the rape seem to not be worth the trouble especially when the event that completely washed the victim’s self-worth away is the constant topic of discussion. So even reporting the rape seems almost unworthy of being reported especially when colleges are doing close to nothing to help the victim. If colleges plan on improving how they handle sexual assault; they will have to work toward making the …show more content…
In college, parties seem to be the way of life for some students. After a few drinks down the judgment of the students is impaired and, the idea of making the right choices seems to go down the drain. The miscommunication of the word no turing into the word maybe or yes happens far too often. A male college student, who forced sex on a female friend, that participated in a study done by Wayne State University wrote “Alcohol loosens us up and the situation occurred by accident. If no alcohol was consumed, I would have never crossed that line.” Another factor is drugs, drugs can be slipped into alcohol without even noticing. Rohypnol, known as the “date rape drug,” is an odorless and tasteless drug. The drug is all over college campuses across the nation. The effects of the drug can include loss of memory, visual disturbances, and impaired judgment. Under this state of confusion, the victim is an easy target of sexual assault. Drugs and alcohol play a large part in the sexual assault problem in college campuses across the

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