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Summary Of The Lady Or The Tiger

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The story the lady or the tiger. Is a tale that leaves you guessing and wondering. It’s about a king and how his daughter got caught loving a common blood. Then sentenced to a weird trial normal at the time though. The trial there is the accused man steps in front of two doors behind one is a tiger waiting to kill him and behind the other door is a lady waiting to marry him. The king believed that you’d pick the tiger if guilty and if innocent you’d pick the lady. This tale is written by frank r. Stockton and is called the lady or the tiger. I am trying to prove the princess told him the door that had the tiger. “The king’s daughter had a soul as fervent imperious as his own”, the author states on (page 14). She was semi barbaric she loved to see a trail when the accused man was guilty. This means seeing someone slottered didn’t bother her she actually liked to see that happen. Had it not been for her moiety of barbarism in her nature its probable that the lady would not have been there; but her intense fervid souls would not allow her to be absent on such an occasion in which she was so terribly interested. She wasn’t going to miss a chance to watch the trial shed day dreamed over, gnashed her teeth over, and pulled her hair over. She wanted to see him proven guilty. …show more content…
She was semi barbaric and wasn’t a true lady and showed up. She should’ve been a true lady and stayed home. She chose the door of the tiger because she hated the other lady and loved the man. She couldn’t stand the thought of him being with

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