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This is a grant proposal presented to the National Science Foundation (NSF) in regard to the creation of a new innovative cyberlearning technology per Program Solicitation NSF 11-587 (NSF, 2013). This project will satisfy the Exploration (EXP) research category required by the NSF prior to award consideration. Our entire project team shares the same vision regarding this project and are prepared to work collaboratively amongst any affiliates or personnel requested by the NSF pending the awarded grant.
1.0 INTRODUCTION Distance learning is becoming more popular and utilized each passing day in today’s society. The ability for a student to attend an educational institution anywhere in the world is a realistic possibility because of the Internet. However, what students sacrifice in trade for convenience, may not be worth the impersonal learning standards that web-based learning resources provide. When a student attends an online class, there is little to no face-to-face interaction between the students and instructors. According to an Inside Higher Ed article, 97 percent of two-year institutions in Virginia offer some online courses and a large and growing number of students (22 percent of the sector’s overall enrollment in 2008) take at least one course online (Fain, 2013). While this study exhibits the availability of online classes, it also states that only 3 percent of the students are enrolled in an entirely online degree program. Only 5 of the 46 students surveyed said they would take all their courses online if they could. Almost all of the students said student-instructor interaction online did not match that of the traditional classroom, calling the online version more distant and impersonal (Fain, 2013). It is our personal goal to ensure that all students, of any institution, are able to engage in a form of visual learning throughout their education. When a

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...50 Hurt Plaza, S.E., Suite 595, Atlanta, GA 30303‐2915 • 404‐523‐6220    Georgia Humanities Grant Guidelines, Fall 2015   Application deadline:  September 30, 2015  Maximum Grant Amount:  $2,000  Projects can begin on or after January 30, 2016    Georgia Humanities invites 501(c)‐3 nonprofit organizations to apply for a program grant of up  to $2,000 to support local humanities programs. The National Endowment for the Humanities  defines the humanities as: The study of history, literature, language (modern and classical),  philosophy and archaeology; as relevant to the human environment and with particular  attention to reflecting our diverse heritage, traditions, and history and to the significance of the  humanities to the current conditions of national life.    Eligibility  All applicants (nonprofit organizations) must have an IRS 501(c)‐3 status and must include their  IRS determination letter with the application. GH also requires a DUNS number. Individuals are  ineligible to apply. Organizations with an open GH grant are not eligible to apply until all  required final paperwork is submitted.    Examples of GH‐funded projects include: film presentations with discussions; literary events;  historic walking tours/ printed guide booklets; cemetery programs/tours; living history  programs with scholar introductions; exhibitions; oral history projects; educational workshops  (children and adults) in college and public libraries; digital adaptations of existing records with ...

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