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Wal-Mart Company Analysis
Belton Bates

Company Overview
Name of Company: Wal-Mart
Type of Company: Retail Chain
Status in the Industry: Share of the Market 20% of Retail 45% of Toys Fortune 500 Standing 2nd in 2012, 1st in 2011 Sales (US) $446 Billion Number of Employees 2.2 Million

Latest Stock Market Quote:
As one can see, Wal-Mart has gone up in stock from the previous day by .66. Wal-Mart has also been climbing over the past 52 weeks from 57.57-79.50. The company is in good shape.
As one can also see, Wal-Mart (which is represented in blue) is performing much better than the rest of the retail market (which is represented in red)

Recent News and Developments:
Recently in the news, Wal-Mart CEO, Mike Duke received a $2.6 million increase in pay. This was due to Wal-Mart’s rising sales despite a nationwide economic slump. Mike Duke has been the Wal-Mart CEO since February 2009, and his base salary was $1.3 million plus possible incentives. To re-ignite its US business, he implemented low prices throughout its stores, and brought back cancelled items that customers desired, which increased Wal-Mart profits.
This article pertains to a new express same day delivery service Wal-Mart has implemented. has also implemented this service, so these two companies are competing for the edge is same day delivery sales. Walmart has an online service, but it’s also a “brick and mortar” store, while Amazon is online only, which might give Walmart the competitive edge. The real question is: Will same day delivery be a functional service? Whoever profits more, will either company be able to fulfill its same day quota?

Scope of the Company: International 8500 stores in 15 countries Names in other countries: Mexico Walmex UK Asda Japan Seiyu India Best Price Subsidiaries: Sam’s Club Corporate Officers: Founder Sam Walton Chairman S. Robson Walton President/CEO Mike Duke Products and Services (Divided into Departments): Electronics Auto & Tires Apparel Photo Center Books Sports/Outdoors Home Home Improvement Baby Seasonal Patio & Garden Toys Health Pets Grocery Gifts/Registry Beauty Movies/TV Video Games Party/Occasion Pharmacy Jewelry
(With all of these departments and products in these departments, Wal-Mart’s target is basically everyone) Innovative Strategies: “Going Green”- provides efficient energy usage and promotes good press Business Tactics- Wal-Mart’s “everyday low prices” were built on leveraging economies of scale, low-price Chinese suppliers, advanced satellite-based IT systems for inventory and shelf management, and ‘float’ – paying suppliers in 90 days, while selling their goods within 7.

LinkedIn Network

Web Analysis 2.0
Blog: “Walmart Moms” Walmart Moms is a website which features mothers from around the country (and even the world) from different types of backgrounds and nationalities. These women are stay at home mothers, business women, mothers who do arts and crafts, etc. The main page features all of the Walmart Moms and their biographies. If you click on one of the Moms, you will be directed to her personal webpage where you can read her blogs, mostly pertaining to personal experiences, home remedies, and recent situations. In one way or another, the women were able to mention Walmart products to help with their situations. Walmart has definitely maximized this Web 2.0 tool. The fact that they used the idea of “Walmart Moms”(instead of using a cooperate blog), and having their biographies online makes the consumer relate better, making Walmart feel like the local general store instead of a gigantic cooperation. This gives the consumer a more at home feeling.
An example of one of the mother’s personal blog

Wiki: is used by consumers who try to find the best deals for certain products. Walmart utilizes this Web 2.0 tool by putting their products on the website and coupons so consumers can print them out and use them at Walmart, which increases revenue. One can utilize the wiki by first entering an item a customer is interested in. Afterwards a list of items appear one can scroll through, and what store you can buy it at. On the left you can narrow your search by choosing a specific store to buy from. If Walmart has the item, Walmart will appear on the left menu. There’s also an icon to click next to the product one is interested in that can redirect you to the Walmart website. Walmart uses this Web 2.0 very efficiently. Its presence is felt and Walmart products are abundant on the website. Compared to how other companies use wikis, it seems that consumers don’t have as much control over adding input compared to other wikis. The control is left more to the retailers.!/l/walmart?brand=&site_id=3738

RSS Feeds: My Yahoo Wal-Mart uses RSS Feeds to promote new products, and give recent news articles relating to Wal-Mart. One can learn about these new products, and get recent news instantly without going to the Wal-Mart personal website or searching the internet. A consumer can receive a Wal-Mart RSS Feed, if RSS Feeds are available on their browser. If not, one can go to an RSS Feed Website like for example. First open the Wal-Mart Website and go to the RSS Feed section. You can find the RSS Feed Section by typing RSS Feeds in the Wal-Mart “Search” box. The Wal-Mart website with all of its possible RSS Feeds will appear, and whatever feeds you prefer, you can copy and paste the URL in the appropriate fields, and the RSS Feed will appear on your browser, showing you Wal-Mart news and products. Wal-Mart has RSS Feeds for all of its merchandise, categorized by departments (electronics, housewares, etc.) and also by special deals (clearances, Rollbacks, special buys, new arrivals, etc.) Wal-Mart, since being a large retail chain has numerous RSS Feeds to choose from, covering all of their products. The feeds are organized so a customer can specify what products they are interested in, which is appealing to customers. Other companies’ feeds can be random and customers have to search harder for the perfect feed to suit them to subscribe to.
This is my personal yahoo account; my Wal-Mart RSS Feed is on the top left.

Facebook: Facebook is a social network used to bring people together online. It is the biggest and most popular social network to date. As of December 2009, Facebook reported that more than 30 million people had signed up. Wal-Mart utilizes Facebook to promote its brand. People can go to the Wal-Mart Facebook page and push the “thumbs up” icon, meaning that person is a fan of Wal-Mart. When the friends of that particular person explore his or her page, they can see that that person “likes” Wal-Mart and they can explore the Wal-Mart page “by way of” their friend’s page. Wal-Mart puts their information, biography, and products on their page to promote their brand. If the friend likes what they see, they also can “like” Wal-Mart and can be potential customers. Wal-Mart’s presence is felt on Facebook, having at least three different pages to like. One page that sticks out is “People of Wal-Mart,” which a lot of people like. It shows humorous photos of people who shop at Wal-Mart all over the country that dress outrageous, and do crazy things that people happen to catch on their cell phone cameras. This informal page is a strategy used by Wal-Mart to attract clients, which is very innovative compared to other companies.
This is the “Wal-Mart People’s” fan page. Somebody actually had the audacity to make a cot and fall asleep in a Wal-Mart aisle.

Twitter: Twitter is also a social network which allows people to keep in touch with each other by exchanging short messages of 140 characters or less. Wal-Mart utilizes twitter by sending tweets to the public to promote their brand, to let people know about new products, future sales, and unlike other Web 2.0 tools, speak to the public on a personal level, without a middleman like a news anchor for example. Since Wal-Mart is the largest private employer in the country, they have the right not to be involved in labor unions, and there have been past situations with Wal-Mart and its employees. When these situations became national news, Wal-Mart used Twitter as a platform to speak on those matters, defending their point of view. Twitter gave Wal-Mart access to the nationwide public without fear of a news anchor, or blogger twisting the company’s word around. Wal-Mart uses Twitter on an exceptional level compared to other businesses because of this.
This is my personal twitter page. I chose to follow Wal-Mart, and they sent out a recent tweet on the bottom right corner of the webpage window.

Web 2.0 Concepts and Applications
The collective result of what happens when different people individually apply tags to the same online content

Folksonomy can be used by business people in a firm to label information so other people in the firm can easily find the needed data in another department. The other people can also label the information under a different name that a different department in the firm might recognize. I can label my photos online and send them to my friend. My friend might label it differently that another person might recognize.
Textbook: Web 2.0 Concepts and Applications

Web Conferencing: A service that allows conferencing events to be shared with remote locations. These are sometimes referred to as webinars

Businesses use this Web 2.0 tool to have meetings with people that are in other parts of the country.
I can use this Web 2.0 tool to talk to my mother who lives in Northern Virginia, and to see my niece while I am still in Norfolk attending school.

Mashup: Web applications that combine content from multiple online sources

Companies can use mashups to gain information and promote their products. For example, Wal-Mart can put multiple products they promote on a mashup website, containing APIs from YouTube, Google, etc.
I can use mashups to listen to music from multiple music websites at one time. Social Bookmarking: The process by which users share the URLs of their favorite Web sites online, adding tags and additional commentary

Companies can use social bookmarking to save websites that may be beneficial to the company to social bookmarking websites like, and send the link to different departments so they can also be aware of the new content.
I can use social bookmarking to do the same. I can save certain YouTube URLs in and send them to friends. Recommendations First of all, I would like to say that this pilot course has taught me a lot about how I can utilize the Web and Web 2.0 Concepts. I graduated high school in the year 1999, and the Web has evolved tremendously since my last class concerning the Internet. Facebook, RSS Feeds, mashups, and all other Web 2.0 tools were non-existent. I learned how to utilize the Web to a higher capacity after taking this course, and I will take this newfound knowledge with me into the business world. I was already aware of the social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but the Web 2.0 tools like LinkedIn, Delicious, folksonomy, and other tools were new to me. To be more competitive in the business world, I would recommend utilizing more of the Web 2.0 tools that the average student doesn’t already know about, and to have the students create mashups as future assignments, set up web conferences with the teacher and a group of students, and to have the students send URLs to other students by using the process of social bookmarking.

Textbook: Web 2.0 Concepts and Applications

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Caso de Estudio: Sears. Roebuck and Co. vs. Wall-Mart Stores, Inc.

...Caso de estudio: Sears. Roebuck and Co. vs. Wall-Mart Stores, Inc. Por Daniel Escobillana, Christl Hepner y Caterina Ojeda 1- ¿Cómo difieren las estrategias de ventas al por menor de Sears y Wal-Mart? A pesar de ser dos compañías que comparten el mismo rubro, y compiten de manera similar en cuanto a sus modelos de negocios y estrategias, existen dos diferencias principales en el approach que tienen ambas en la forma de implementar su estrategia. La primera, en términos de valor agregado y diferenciación, y la segunda es en términos del modo de pago. En cuanto a qué ofrece cada tienda en cuanto a valor agregado a sus clientes, vemos que la estrategia de Walmart es mantener los costos de producción lo más bajos posibles, para de la misma manera, mantener los precios de ventas menos elevados que la competencia. Esto se ve reflejado en su lema “Precios bajos todos los días”. Por otra parte, Sears optó por una reorientación de su mezcla de productos, para aumentar las ventas apelando a una clientela objetivo de clase media, es decir, busca diferenciarse en términos de exclusividad. Esto se ve reflejado en el lema: “Venga y vea el lado más elegante de Sears”. La segunda diferencia tiene que ver con las facilidades de pago, específicamente, el crédito. Por una parte Sears administra su propia tarjeta de crédito, en cambio la tarjeta de Wal-Mart era emitida por el Chase Manhattan Bank y el riesgo de no pago era asumido por el mismo. Esto afecta los resultados de ambas empresas...

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...Target Corporation La historia de Target La compañía Dayton Company abrió su primera tienda Target en 1962 en Roseville, Minnesota. En 2000 Dayton Hudson cambio su nombre a Target Corporation. Para 2005, Target se había posicionado en el mercado con $52.6 billones de ganancias en 1,397 tiendas en 47 estados. Contaba con ventas de $30 billones en el 2000, la empresa ha aumentado sus ventas en un 12.1% en los últimos cinco años y ha anunciado sus planes de abrir 100 nuevas tiendas por año en Estados Unidos. Target ofrece créditos para algunos consumidores a través de la REDcard. Las ganancias operativas de Target por tarjetas de crédito fue de 14.9%. La REDcard fue diseñada para enfocarse solamente en clientes que frecuentan las tiendas Target. Costco vs Target La compañía ha tenido una política de mercadotecnia bastante efectiva. En 2005 dedicaron al 2% de sus ventas y el 26.6% de sus ganancias de operación a expandir su imagen. ¿Qué es target? Empezó en 1962, ósea lleva 44 años en el mercado. Su cantidad de ventas en 2005 fue de $52.6 billones (gringos). Crecimiento de 12.1% de 2000 a 2005. Quiere abrir 100 nuevas tiendas por año. Hubo 10 propuestas que implicaban un gasto de $300 millones en gasto de capital. Target es comparado con Wal-Mart o Costco. Con el primero se relaciona en que tienen el mismo modo de operación, misma ubicación y productos similares; y con el segundo se relaciona en que tienen el mismo tipo de clientela pero se diferencian en que Costco...

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Marketing 2

...concepto de hipermercado enfocado en el servicio y la variedad de los productos, bajo el nombre de líder mercado. Ese mismo año reconvierte los locales Ekono con mayor superficie pero menores a las de un líder tradicional, en Líder Vecino; este era un formato de hipermercado compacto con una menor selección de mercadería general para competir en zonas en donde no se justifica la presencia de in hipermercado tradicional (barrios residenciales y ciudades pequeñas). En 2003 Líder Mercado pasa a denominarse simplemente Líder y las marcas Ekono y Almac pasan a llamarse Líder Express (actual exprees de líder). Posteriormente en 2011 la compañía revivirá la marca Ekono como supermercados de Ahorro. En 2008 D&S fue comprado por Walmart pasando a llamarse Walmart Chile desde 2010. El nombre Líder se mantuvo pero se cambió su logo en 2011. Posee un amplio espacio de venta de unos 10.000 m2, con gran variedad de productos en hogar, electrodomésticos, electrónica, textiles, ferretería y juguetes, además de las líneas tradicionales de comestibles, todo con una propuesta económica. Marketing Mix Hipermercado LIDER PRODUCTO LIDER,...

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...Walmart Slide1 Welcome to our presentation, our topic is Walmart, I will present the pro arguments for Walmart and Cherrif will present the arguments against Walmart. Slide 2 First of all I want to say some basic facts about walmart. Sam Walton created walmart in the year 1962 and he opened the first walmart in the same year in 1962 in Arkansas. Today we can say walmart has more than 9000 stores worldwide and its spread over 15 countries. Think about it for a second Sam Walton created walmart only 50 years ago and the company has over 2 million employees. That is amazing. Slide 3 Now you can see a quote from Sam Walton about Walmart. Slide reading. That is everything what expect from a store for customers. Slide 4 Some more facts: it is the worlds lagest public corporation by revenue. Furthermore the largest private employer in the world. A really important part in walmart is the grocery part, it is the largest grocery seller in the US and it is friendly to children you can see it in the fact that walmart is the largest toy seller in the us. Slide 5 Walmart has not only toys or a big grocery part, walmart brings low prices and the conveniece of shopping at one place, where you can find everything. You dont have to go to different stores to buy, walmart has everything what you need. You save a lot of time to go to walmart and buy there. Plus the walmart prices are between 15% and 22% less expenisive than the market price/ the other stores. And it is open...

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