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They have been a growing debate between students, parents and teacher as to whether students should wear school uniform. Most students argue that school uniforms take away their rights, stifle their freedom of expression, and promote conformity. Parents favor a uniform policy because it could make school clothes easier and cheaper to buy and many administrators think uniforms will ensure kids behave better. Studies have been shown that demonstrating improved scholastic performance in conjunction with the wearing of school uniforms.

Thesis: students should not wear school uniforms. It may seem a trivial matter to some, but then again, should any loss of our basic personal freedoms be considered trivial? * Uniforms stifle students freedom of expression * School uniforms takes away their individual rights * School uniform promote conformity * School uniforms are a financial burden to poor families * An unfair additional expenses to students who pay taxes

Topic sentences: students should have to wear school uniforms:

* School uniforms doesn’t stifle student freedom expression * School uniforms help students resist peer pressure to buying trendy clothes * It helps identify intruders in school and promote safety * School uniforms encourage discipline and make student smarter * School uniforms encourage discipline and make student smarter.

Studies have been shown that demonstrating improved scholastic performance in conjunction with the wearing of school uniforms. I will not attempt to gainsay these results other than to state that even if true, it is still insufficient justification to warrant encroachment upon the rights of an individual. Should teachers also be forced to wear uniforms in an effort to improve their teaching? and why not the general citizen of the state, to improve our overall...

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