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Personal Narrative: A Day In High School

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Day slipped into evening as a warm light filtered into the kitchen, filling it with a warm glow. I sat up on the countertop, a pet peeve of my mother’s but a habit of mine that I made no effort to break. I stared at the cabinet across the room, filled with the awards and trophies I gathered throughout my life; from the first place ribbons I received after racing in the swim meets that composed my youth to the high school high honor roll certificates that I found myself working sleepless nights for. My thoughts flickered and I reminded myself that my grades weren’t everything, but when I felt the paper and plastic held steadfast in my hand, I knew I did at least one thing right. Until I didn’t.
Cries for help poured from the two-way radio lying on the kitchen table; the alerts rang rapidly after one another, each becoming more deafening. The voice wasn’t of my brother, it sung lower and dripped of deceit with its breathy moans. Thoughts and fears raced through my mind, every scenario worse than the previous one. I felt petrified as I gripped the counter with white knuckles—something horrible was happening to the voice, or even worse, to my brother. …show more content…
Shallow breaths left me gasping, a horrible cadence too quick, too panicked. The ache in my chest scorched as I hoped for—prayed for—them to stop pumping, to slow down. I pull one breath in by myself; one was all I could muster.
Tears followed unmediated and sleeves wiped as quickly as they fell, my cheeks stained scarlet from the constant rub of a wool sweater.
Ashes poured down my throat with every outcry, searing it raw. Unintelligible, but they still screamed with meaning; paranoia, panic, fear all laced the air around me. They thickened the air, making even harder for my lungs to

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