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PSY 250 Week Three EXAM
Kala Strunk

1. Pat enjoys the philosophy of “being-in-the-world”. This is an example of what philosophy?
Evolutionary Personality Theory.

2. How does the drug Prozac work in the brain (neurotransmitter action)?
Prozac blocks a cell that then builds a persons own serotonin into the body. It does not put any serotonin into the body itself it just helps the body build it better.

3. What year did the American Psychiatric Association decide homosexuality was no longer a mental disorder?
4. I am studying why two people view and interpret an event differently. What do researchers call this approach?
Survival of the fittest 5. What 17th century philosopher wrote that the mind is a blank slate (tabula rasa) at birth?
John Locke 6. What is the biological name for fraternal twins? dizygotic twins 7. Which one is not a suggestion for pursuing happiness: a. Help others b. Keep lists of your accomplishments c. Recognize that many people will always be unhappy d. Avoid television. C. Recognize that many people will always be unhappy

8. What is the study of how genes affect human behavior called?
Behavioral genomics 9. Define the “physical attractiveness stereotype”?
Physical attractiveness stereotype is when we see something beautiful we automatically think it is a good thing, or person. Attractiveness will get people farther in life and be wanted more. The physical attractive people are happier.

On items 10-15, match the following: Maslow, Frankl, Fromm, Rogers, May:

10. Personal Choice. Frankl 11. Unconditional Positive Regard Rogers 12. Love is an art form. Fromm 13. Safety needs. Maslow 14. Focus on anxiety. May

15. If you have a twin with schizophrenia, what are the odds you will develop schizophrenia?
Do to studies previously done it is not likely that the twin would have schizophrenia. The brain fluids are not always the same and some tissue may be missing from one twins brain where as the other twin does not have that missing.

16. Billie, age 5, constantly fights with other children and other children say he is hard to play with, which temperament (from the four basic aspects) is he most likely demonstrating?
Billie has a sociability temperament.

17. Which theorist postulated the “Extroverts have low levels of brain arousal”?

18. How does cocaine work in the brain (neurotransmitter effect)?
Cocaine inhibits dopamine reuptake which then leaves more dopamine in the synapse, thus creating nerve activity. 19. What psychological philosophy emphasizes the personal worth of the individual?

20. Which theorist challenges the idea of free will? a. B.F. Skinner b. Carl Rogers.
B.F. Skinner

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