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Rainbow Bridge Short Story

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It was spring April 22, 2017. All the blinds in my house were open and everyone in my house was getting ready. My sister Brittany was going to check on our dog of 14 years Tobbie. Tobbie had been very sickly, due to the fact that he was very old. Something was wrong with his eye, which made it look very gross and disgusting. About 2 weeks before we took Tobbie to the vet to see what was wrong with him.
“He doesn’t have very much time left,” apologized the vet. But I didn't believe him I thought Tobbie would live forever. When my sister went to check on Tobbie she saw that he had ripped the scab off his eye. His room looked like a crime scene and smelled like a rotten meat.
When she walked back in the room she said to me, “It’s time for him to go to Rainbow Bridge.”
My throat went dry I couldn't speak, tears filled my eyes but never fell. I sat on my bed and waited to leave.
I sat there and thought about all the good times I had with Tobbie …show more content…
Tobbie had sat on the floor in the back seat with me. Everyone in the car was quiet not even the radio was playing. It was about a 3-hour car ride but seemed like 1 hour. We finally arrived at the Vet my mom and sister went to check Tobbie in. Tobbie just laid there he didn’t move, I told him my last words as his breath started to shorten.
My mom and sister finally came back to the car to get him after 20 minutes.
Walking toward the door with Tobbie knowing he wouldn't be coming back out was the worst feeling ever. When I walked in the door my eyes filled with tears, I couldn’t see my dog be put down. I rushed out the vet my eyes were cloudy. I tugged on the car door and got in about 20 minutes my mom and sister came back to the car. “He was gone and that he was ready to go,” comforted my mom. On the ride back home it was quite the radio was playing. Tobbie’s favorite song came on it made everyone smile. “Do you want to go look at new dogs”, asked my

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