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Throughout the majority of the developed countries, we are all entitled to privately practice our own religions or faiths. For most, the age of religious intolerance has come to an end, but some faiths are still experiencing prejudice around the world. Islamophobia is an unfounded fear of the Islamic faith and, while it has existed for thousands of years, has recently become a major problem in our society.
Common Facts about Islamophobia

The list below, provided by the Council of American-Islamic Relations, details many of the misconceptions commonly held by Islamophobic people:

* Islam is unchanging and refuses to adapt to new realities or changing times. * Islam shares no common values with any of the other major religions. * Islam is no longer relevant and their ideals are irrational. * Islam is tied to terrorism. * Islam promotes violence. *
None of these items are true by any means, but are still commonly held by many people suffering from Islamophobia. While these unfortunate misconceptions have been held for centuries, Islamophobia has been on the rise in recent times. Since the September 11th attacks in the U.S., many uninformed Americans have started viewing followers of the Islamic faith as an “enemy” of the United States. This sentiment is absolutely untrue. There is no link between Islam and terrorism and this type of incorrect information is a leading cause of Islamophobia.

Causes of Islamophobia

The leading cause for Islamophobia is usually misinformation or total lack of information based on the religion. Unfortunately, Islamophobic people are not likely to be willing to educate themselves about their fears or spend time around any Islamic people. This feeling is somewhat understandable, as they do claim to be physically afraid of the Islamic people, but this attitude will likely lead to a worsening

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