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Teen Dating Violence

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What is Teen Dating Violence?
Teen Dating Violence (TDV) is described as the physical, emotional, or sexual abuse that occurs within a relationship while dating. TDV can occur in person, or electronically by a current or former partner (CDC, 2014). Many adolescents and adults are unaware of the prevalence of TDV but a recent national study revealed that nearly 10% of adolescents have reported being hit, slapped, or intentionally physically hurt by someone they had claimed to be dating (CDC, 2014). About 20% of adult women who reported experiencing some form of intimate partner violence (IPV) also reported experiencing TDV between the ages of 11-17 (CDC, 2014). Also, black students experience TDV (14%) at a significantly higher rate than their white peers (8.9%) (Rothman, 2013).
TDV is a very important issue to address because as teens mature mentally and emotionally, they are heavily influenced by previous relational experiences. If they do not cultivate positive, healthy relationships, TDV can be a dangerous precursor to experiencing IPV as adults. Victims of TDV are more likely to do poorly in school, binge drink, commit suicide, and engage in physical altercations (CDC, 2014). There are several risk factors involved with TDV. There is an increased risk for toxic relationships for teens who believe that physical violence is a constructive way to express anger in a relationship, use alcohol or drugs, have violent friends, have multiple sex partners, are depressed or anxious, have problems at school, or witness violence within their own home (CDC, 2014).
Dating violence among teens is highly preventable and with the collective support of teens, families, health professionals, policy makers, and communities effective preventative implementation strategies can be develop to drastically diminish this issue.
A major reason that TDV is such an important public...

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